Vintage Linens Add Charm, Can Save Money

In 2018 I shared that we only use cloth napkins. Many of you know that I have a huge collection of vintage kitchen linens from estate sales, most of which have never been used (then or now). Some I thought were too special to ever use, others I really like but decided that I would sell them. Well, I changed my mind and won’t be selling any of them! I’d much rather use and enjoy them, but there’s a MAJOR hindrance…

February 19 2020 Vintage Homemaking (4)

This basket of dish towels sits in the cabinet behind it. These made in the USA linens from the 50s and 60s have been in service for ten years which means they have been used and washed weekly since then. That’s over five hundred cycles of washes and they are still going strong other than fading! All of these were acquired in unused condition for around fifty cents each. So you see my “problem”? I can’t yet raid my closet for the “good” linens because there’s no room yet. That’s OK, though. I still enjoy looking at them.

February 19 2020 Vintage Homemaking (5)

Vintage kitchen linens on counter and toaster

The cute set above was a housewarming gift from a dear friend ten years ago.

Fortunately I did have a need for more terry towels in rotation (we hang one on the fridge handle for hand drying). It’s so much fun to remove the tags and wash them for the first time. It does feel like time traveling.

February 19 2020 Vintage Homemaking (3)

This is unrelated, but I posted it in my Instagram stories the other day and wanted to ask you reading here: If you drink real milk, do you ever pour yourself a glass of just milk, which is very old-school, or do you only add it to things like coffee, smoothies and recipes?

February 19 2020 Vintage Homemaking (2)

I drink at least one full glass daily!

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    1. That’s why I was so afraid to use them at first, then thought I’d use the least pretty ones whereas now I don’t worry about it. In fact pretty colorful things in the kitchen make February seem more cheery. Cheap therapy. šŸ™‚

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