Self Isolation? No. Hanging with my Prepper Friends!

Look at Sunny’s tail! It filled out even more during her overwinter in her burrow! My buddies Cider, Ricky and Sunny are out for another season of stockpiling seeds. Still hoping to see Buster any day now. The world including Maine was a drastically different place when I last posted but it’s business as usual in my backyard, thank God. Turning to nature has always been my balm. First off I hope you are safe, healthy, staying sanitized and that you have enough provisions to get you through a couple of weeks or longer should you need to self-quarantine or isolate. I’ve been an introverted work-from-home bookworm homebody for much of my adult life and often prefer the company of animals to people so social distancing isn’t must of an adjustment for me. I do, however, have some maladjustments due to coronavirus.

I’m so glad I was able to get in to see the endocrinologist a month earlier due to a cancellation. I was able to get all of the testing done by early last week including a bone scan. If I had to keep my original appointment all would have been cancelled! In summary, I do have primary hyperparathyroidism based upon further blood work and bone density scan. The endocrinologist highly recommended surgery but it will be put off likely one year due to coronavirus cancelling elective surgeries. I had originally planned to have it done this late spring or early summer. He said that he sees no danger in waiting but I have to ensure I drink plenty of water to keep kidney stones from forming due to excess calcium in my blood. I can also develop something called hypercalcemic crisis, a medical emergency, if I become dehydrated. I drink a minimum of 8 eight oz glasses of water daily, will increase that in the summer.

Another issue is that I have to ensure I get my RDA of calcium through my diet and not supplements which are absorbed differently. The delicate balance is that calcium is being leached from my bones and into my blood from my endocrine disorder so I need to replenish that without raising my blood levels. Coronavirus is causing so many shortages but I was able to order a supply of shelf stable powdered milk before it sold out everywhere online and right now the dairy farm in my town (the one that uses real glass bottles)  is still producing milk. I contacted them in a bit of a panic and one of the family members that owns the dairy lives down the road from me and actually delivered some! How old-fashioned and awesome is that and are they?!

As for having my pelvis wacked out of alignment when I fell on the ice late December the osteopath was booking more than two months out. Not surprisingly my appointment was recently cancelled due to coronavirus and they’re not sure when I can get in if at all. If one must be crooked it’s best that it be structural and not character-based so that’s a relief. I do have some pain from walking a bit “funny” but it’s manageable.

Maine Maple Sunday was cancelled and because we saw that coming and weren’t planning to go anyway due to crowds we drove out to the sugar shack a week earlier and purchased two jugs of our favorite dark syrup. We made sure to go early so we were the only shoppers.

maple syrups shots

We promptly returned home so I could make buckwheat pancakes with syrup shots, as I call them: I serve the syrup in vintage multi-colored shot glasses for a pretty pouring solution.

Here’s a sweet little video of Cider I hope you’ll enjoy. I also discovered that you can freeze fresh eggs in a few simple steps so that you can buy an extra dozen and have them last longer.

How are you all doing in this new world of coronavirus?

4 thoughts on “Self Isolation? No. Hanging with my Prepper Friends!

  1. Glad you were able to get your appointments in! Having to wait a year must be hard to adjust to – but definitely best in the current situation. We are waking up every day and looking for the small (and big) things to be thankful for, and trying to inject levity and humor whenever possible.

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  2. I love the syrup in shot glasses! Great for a non-drinker like me. Coronavirus is so very strange. Life has just been turned upside-down. I never could have imangined this.
    I love home, though. Good thing because we have been ordered to shelter-in-place here in California.


    1. I don’t keep alcohol-related things at home except for these which clearly were designed for syrup and not booze, 😀 I’m glad you were able to buy your dream home prior to this madness. ❤

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