Life Wins: The Gifts of Spring

Right now if you look very closely you’ll see signs of spring. A cursory glance still shows bare trees, dead leaves and patches of snow. We spent some time walking in our woods, hanging out with Cider and relishing in home comforts. I have a new camera/phone so I practiced getting close-up shots that capture the lively details of renewal. There’s also a sweet video at the end of this post. On to the pics:


How beautiful is our boy, Cider?!

In Our Woods (3)

Wayne just brought the pine brush that fell into our side yard from our neighbor’s tree into the woods as he holds onto some bittersweet. As of now he is still working during the week. The boatyard isn’t just about yachts; they provide essential services to fishing boats and island ferries. The employees are spread out far enough so that they can easily maintain a minimum of six feet from one another. On the one hand I wish he could stay home but on the other I’m grateful he still has a job! I also appreciate what he does for work even more as it’s important to support our fishing industry to feed Maine and beyond.

In Our Woods (2)

There is a half dead half alive tree in our woods.

In Our Woods (8)


In Our Woods (5)

OK, so, there appears to be a face in this vintage circa I don’t know woodpile! This was here when I bought the house.

In Our Woods (4)

And…it looks like it’s wearing a mask?!

In Our Woods (6)

Counting rings to age the tree at the time of its fall.

In Our Woods (9)

A little heart of snow!

Smiling Hill Farm

I have some good grocery news. The local dairy farm is offering contactless pickup. You simply call in, pay over the phone  and pick up farm fresh milk they leave for you at least six feet away from your car! I wipe everything down in our sunroom before bringing it into the house.

Prime Delivery

We were also able to score a Whole Foods delivery! For the past two weeks every time I checked there were no available delivery windows. We got lucky.

Lawrence Welk (2)

After a steak dinner with homemade scalloped potatoes we enjoyed The Lawrence Welk Show followed by Britcoms. I almost didn’t want to watch Lawrence Welk thinking that it felt like a lie and ridiculous in a pandemic world. Then I realized that Mr. Welk was a teenager when he lived through the 1918 Spanish Flu. I need my wholesome “guilty” pleasure of mid-century color, hair and music now more than ever!

Lawrence Welk (1)

Perhaps because of his experience with and having survived a worldwide pandemic he understood and committed to providing wholesome, happy, colorful and hopeful entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, my new Galaxy S20 has a feature that creates music videos with special effects (volume on). Hope this little clip brings you a smile!


22 thoughts on “Life Wins: The Gifts of Spring

  1. Your photos are fantastic!
    My husband loves to watch Lawrence Welk. It brings back memories of spending time with his grandmother. Did you stream it from somewhere? His birthday is next week and I am trying to pull together some fun do at home activities!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love that your husband watches it! I said to Wayne that when this pandemic is over we should find the other few people in town who watch it and have a viewing party. 😀 It’s on Maine Public Broadcasting, channel 11 at 5:00 p.m. on most Saturdays. I just checked and it’s on next weekend! They didn’t show it for a few weeks because of local sports. Happy birthday to him!


  2. Hi Averyl,
    I share your love and respect for woodlands. After reading your latest blog about the felling of trees near your property line and seeing the ‘haunting ‘face in the woodpile’ I wonder if you have read author Peter Wohllenben’s book, ‘The Secret Life of Trees’. Fascinating!
    Keep Blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cider is back! Yay! And thanks for bringing up my own fond memories of Lawrence others, I watched it with my grandparents and then my parents. We were especially fond of watching Ava Barber, from my then-hometown of Knoxville, evolve as a performer.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Averyl,
    Reading your Blog has been like opening vintage nesting boxes.
    Each box contains a colorful image and story…. gifts for the mind and soul. Thank you.
    Stay well, Averyl & Wayne and at peace with your world.

    Liked by 1 person

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