Streaming Love: A Surprise in Our Woods

How are you all doing? I’ve been getting outside to rake and do general spring cleaning in the yard. The fresh air, warming sunshine, exercise and Cider’s company is very healing. I’ve been keeping an eye out for Buster, too. Yesterday Wayne and I did some more exploring in our woods. He found a hidden gem I never knew was there!

Walk in the Woods

Vernal Pool

We have a vernal pool filled with wood frogs and soon, peepers! Their calls are a soothing and happy sound of spring in Maine. 

Vernal Pool 2

I hoped that they would be visible but I couldn’t see any and they remained silent until we left.

Fungi (1)

Beautiful decay and colorful fungi on downed tree limbs.

Fungus (1)

Fungus (2)

More Fungus (1)

More Fungus (2)

Mossy Rock

This mossy rock looks like plush seating.


Our seasonal spring stream led to a discovery by Wayne who was walking ahead of me:

“We have a waterfall!”

A teeny tiny wonderful waterfall.

A heart!

Speaking of wonderful I treated myself to some reading material from ebay!

Lawrence Welk

(Not to worry. I wiped the books down with Clorox and left them out in my sunroom for a few days.)

10 thoughts on “Streaming Love: A Surprise in Our Woods

  1. Many of the fungi in your great woods walk photos are Turkey tails. They are edible mostly as medicinal remedies that Native Americans used.

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