Making (Hair) Do: The “Quarantine Coif”

Wayne, an essential worker, still leaves home Monday through Friday while I only venture off our property to walk around the neighborhood. Like everywhere else barber and salon visits are out. According to headlines, home hair coloring and grooming supplies are selling out. I’ve read many comments about how awful it is that one can’t cover up their gray hair. It’s not an issue for me because as I’ve shared before, I’m going gray because I like it! Last week I decided to share some of my eclectic taste in vinyl on Instagram and included a selfie (above) in which my salt and pepper colors are very evident. Hmm I also see my crows feet in that pic, too. No Botox for me, either, now or ever. Anyway, I privately received some remarks about my hair!

One email was very flattering and he said he really digs my gray. Then I got a text that asked if my gray hair was natural?! He thought I had added gray highlights?! Is this a thing? I didn’t know I looked fake?!


A really pleasant and unexpected surprise was the comment left by Lands’ End. (I was wearing one of their hoodie sweatshirts. Love both sweater and sweatshirt hoodies, will never give them up. Nothing more perfect than being able to put my hood up when I go start the morning coffee.) I don’t know if they will ever actually feature me, but it’s encouraging that a graying fifty-two year old woman at home in a hoodie showing off her Grateful Dead, Beastie Boys and Barry Manilow albums could be considered stylish!

As for Wayne, I (yes I, not we, ha!) decided to cut his hair.



My makeshift barber’s cape was also to lock him in place to keep him from escaping! I wrapped it around the back of the chair!

I started out giving him a “haircut” that didn’t turn out well. “I’m so sorry!” I kept saying over and over, both half crying and laughing at the same time. “We’ll laugh about this on our 20th wedding anniversary!” Silence. “Right????”

“I don’t know. You keep saying you’re sorry and I haven’t seen my hair yet.”

After I handed him a mirror I activated plan Buzz cut.



The hair clipper died right when I finished but I did it!

We had our traditional Easter luncheon of corned beef and egg salad with homemade coleslaw and cucumber salad on the side. Gluten-free bread for me, whole wheat for Wayne. Whole Foods delivery and curbside pick-up at the local dairy farm has been our total source of perishable groceries these past couple of weeks. I’m so grateful to the employees and drivers. Because the sun was out shining bright for a small window of time the sunroom was warm enough to eat out there. It’s these bright moments that give me reprieve from pandemic-related angst and sadness.


Local color from the sun rising during a lovely and (intentionally) lonely 6:00 a.m. 35 degree Saturday walk.



13 thoughts on “Making (Hair) Do: The “Quarantine Coif”

  1. Very relatable! I also tried to cut my hubby’s hair and from the front it looks pretty good (the back is a different story!) My 13 year old son won’t let me near his hair so he’ll be looking like one of the Beatles pretty soon! As for myself, I’ve been meaning to grow out my bangs anyway! You and your husband look great!

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  2. We have been doing haircuts at home for years. We purchased a good quality set of Wahl Designer clippers, hair capes, peanut clippers as well as hair clips, combs, and Clippercide lubricant/disinfectant. Hubby had the good sharp hair shears. My teen boys get their haircuts at home every three weeks and I take a seat and get my tresses trimmed every other month (shears only on my locks). So not only has it saved us well over a grand a year insourcing haircuts, but as hubby has given hundreds of haircuts, he is definitely experienced and gives a great haircut every time. So while other people are trying to make do, picking up kitchen shears and using garbage bags for capes, we have the proper tools and supplies to do the job right and my boys are both well groomed, even though they have no where to go. I know when they head back to school they are not going to be looking scruffy or sporting a wonky haircut disaster. I am due a trim this month, but being I only have him trim about an inch off my ends, no one ever notices that I had my hair trimmed. There are some great Youtube tutorials online for people to get an idea of what they are doing before they pick up the clippers or shears, but sadly I have friends that are posting pictures of their home haircut failures of their husbands and boys where they didn’t at least get an idea of what to do in advance, at least hair grows back.

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    1. Hi Carolyn. I was very pleased when one of Wayne’s co-workers said: “Hey you, got a high and tight!” That’s what I had in mind when I did his hair. Not bad for my first go at it. And you’re right, it always grows back! Thanks for sharing your experience with this.


      1. Yes, the good news is that hair grows back. And now that you have one haircut under your belt, you know what you need to do next time to improve the quality of your home barbering, probably using larger number attachments to start. There are a lot of good tutorials on line. My husband has been cutting my boys’ hair for quite a long time, but he still checks Youtube video tutorials. Teens are definitely far more picky about their hair. I think it is a great thing that my boys are involved in deciding how they want their hair cut. I prefer their hair be kept short, but not shaved bald. My husband told me that when the boys got older they probably would want their haircuts different and it wasn’t worth arguing about. Thankfully they aren’t wanting to have really long hair or a mohawk. He listens to them, and does as they ask, so they is never any arguments. They want a polished, well groomed haircut, but not touching their ears. I have discussed it with a couple coworkers and they said their kids would never let them cut their hair at home, but being we started when they were quite young, they just took it as normal. I don’t think it would be so easy if I decided to start doing it when they were teenagers. Their friends have short hair, so there is no peer pressure for anything weird. A couple years ago, he started using the clippers over the comb to blend the shorter hair on the sides with the longer hair on top and even to trim the hair on top as they have such really thick hair. He sets up the stool in the entry room where it is easy to vacuum the clippings up. I don’t usually watch, but I do on occasion. I don’t think that I would attempt to try and cut their hair myself now, nor would they let me. The boys vacuum up the clippings and head to the shower afterwards. I wish you well in continuing with your home barbering. Now the question is would you take a seat and have your husband trim your hair? My guy tells me that it is harder to cut my boys’ hair than it is to cut my hair as the short hair is far less forgiving. He only takes off about an inch each time he trims my hair, but a 1/2” more off my length would not be noticeable, but on short hair, it shows more. So you cutting your husband’s hair was a big deal for never doing it before.


        1. Thanks. As far as Wayne trimming my ends he will be soon and I’m not worried. What matters most to me is that we keep our spirits high and can laugh together. A quirky haircut is pandemic chic, I think! We really like Wayne’s barber so once it’s safe to return he will.


          1. The important thing when you take a seat and get caped is good communication. When my hubby gave my mom a trim on her shoulder skimming bob, he asked her how much she wanted taken off. She was confused with inches, so he held up his hand and asked her how many fingers worth. She said the pinkie and ring fingers worth, a little less than an inch and a half off. One inch doesn’t mean four inches like they do at the salon. She would have been very upset if he took off too much. So be sure you and your husband understand exactly what you want before he picks up the shears to cut.


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