Something Pretty: Save Money, Reduce Waste

This is just a quick post to share how much I like using Swedish “Dish Cloths” in place of paper towels which are hard to find now in some places due to pandemic shortages. However I just checked and you can still get these cute dish cloths online. I bought all ten of these for just under $12. I don’t use them to dry dishes as the name implies but do use them daily to wipe down my counters with homemade spray cleaner made from water, vinegar and orange oil. They are machine washable, too!

Swedish Dish Cloth

Aren’t they pretty? So much nicer than bland white paper towels. I’ve been using Swedish cloths on my counters for over a year which has saved us about $100 when used in place of Viva paper towels. Over a ten year span that adds up to $1,000 extra in our pockets!

4 thoughts on “Something Pretty: Save Money, Reduce Waste

    1. Yes of course, I got them on Amazon! The price has gone up, but like many things on Amazon it’s always changing. I tried to post the link but it keeps getting converted to some kind of weird preview thing that doesn’t work. Just go on Amazon and put in the search: “The Original 10-Pack Wettex Swedish Superabsorbent Dishcloth”

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