Kindness Sent to the Land Of Chipmunks and Sudden Snows

April was a tough month for so many reasons, the weather being one of them. We broke a record of 79 years with not a single day above 60 degrees! It was mostly highs in the forties and low fifties, wet, dreary and we had a surprise snowstorm the second week of April (shown above). Then all week I had a headache that finally went away overnight. Receiving two different surprises in the mail from friends this past week really raised my spirits! You’ve gotta see how cute they are:

Chipmunk & Squirrel Socks

So perfect for me! A clever and generous friend wanted to support a local business while giving a gift to a friend. She sent a pair of chubby cheek chipmunk socks for me and a squirrel paddling in a canoe for Wayne from the Sock Shack in Portland!


My fun and creative friend Kelly in Tennessee sent me these cards and she made that postcard! On the other side her handwritten message begins: “Greetings from my bunker to yours! I hope that things are well in the land of chipmunks and sudden snows!”


I’m finding that I really need a lot of pick-me-ups lately. I’m sure you can all relate!

6 thoughts on “Kindness Sent to the Land Of Chipmunks and Sudden Snows

  1. Hi Averyl!
    Luv the Sox! Your images help us to put our minds in a ‘ good place’.
    The tiniest flowers have made brave appearances. Fragrances of Lilies of the Valley call our
    attention to look down and then we see them! I remember bouquets filled with Lilies of the Valley and Violets wrapped in wax paper brought to grammar school 100 years ago!
    Thought I’d share a Vintage Memory. I have tons of them!

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