Thrifty Gardening: Repurposing Old Things

For the first time since mid-March I went to a store. I knew it would be different, but it was exceptionally unpleasant even though it was a plant nursery. The locally owned nursery from which we usually buy our vegetable plants and offers home delivery or curbside pickup didn’t have the two tomato varieties that are our favorites–Lemon Boys and Beefsteaks, so I went to Lowe’s. Although the nursery is mostly outdoors they forced people to first walk through the store instead of directly entering. The woman at the register was not distancing from me and they aren’t set up so that you still have to use the gross stylus pen to approve the purchase, something that has grossed me out long before the pandemic. A chipmunk popped out from nowhere as I was paying so that helped me feel more at peace. Also it was very windy so my nose began to run underneath my mask!

OK, enough whining. Here are a few ways I’m reusing some old things laying around for gardening tasks!


We need to keep the plants indoors until Memorial Day weekend which is generally when it’s safe to plant them in Maine. I placed some in a vintage pink Pyrex brownie pan and the others in an old broiler pan which makes it easy for me to carry them inside at night from the sunroom. They also offer a place for any water leakage.


This beautiful  antique Art Nouveau silver plate cake server was in the “free” box at an estate sale some years ago. It makes for an excellent weeding tool!


That headache I had all last week until the weekend started to come back after I returned from Lowe’s. Nothing worked. Tried aspirin, closing my eyes, soft music. I finally said to heck with it and put on Metallica. My headache went away?!


15 thoughts on “Thrifty Gardening: Repurposing Old Things

  1. Aw, I love your sunroom. We have one too and it’s a blessing since our weather often looks nice outside but is actually cold!
    I’ve never tried Lemon Boy… sounds like a good one. I was interested in your bravery going to Lowe’s. I’ve not been in a store yet. It’s frustrating when they could make things safer and don’t (like by letting people walk into the garden center directly).

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  2. I was talking to my friend the architect the other day and asked him why sun porches aren’t designed into houses the way they used to be, I love mine! I live in a village with lots of Victorian houses, and they all have sun porches, even the smallest ones! He said it’s all about fashion and what people want, like white cabinets and granite counters (complete with radon). If I ever build a house from scratch, it will have a sun porch! PS I love your weeding tool!!!

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  3. The Metallica Cure sounds fantastic – like the name of a punk-folk band lol! Thank you for sharing snippets of your life with us. Abe

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  4. I’d love a sunroom! It’s still too cold to put out the flowers here in Finland as I discovered when snow fell last week and destroyed the only flower I had put out. Wah!

    I cured my headace with yoga the other day, yoga is definitely keeping me sane during this strange time.

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    1. Oh your poor flower! But at least it was just one! I’m glad you found a cure. So far my headache hasn’t returned.


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