Pandemic Flower Power, Parties, Pizza

May hasn’t been very gracious. Saturday temps were in the 30s with blustery winds, snow and rain. Sunday was sunny but still cold.

When the going gets tough, the tough get groovy. I decided that I wouldn’t let the boorish behavior of some clouds and weather patterns get us down. I threw two parties for two, the first of which was late Saturday afternoon right before the Lawrence Welk Show on PBS.

I was organizing the kitchen cabinets Saturday morning (I will soon be out of things to organize!!) when I came across the mid-century fondue set I had purchased for $3 over a decade ago. Aha! Something novel for dinner. There was a gluten-free baguette in the freezer that needed to get used because it had been in there for more than a few months. I had grape tomatoes in the fridge and cheese and milk to make a dipping sauce. Then I came across the never used box of fondue forks I had forgotten about.

Vintage 70s Fondue Party (4)

Oh but wait, there was more! That piece of 70s flower power fabric I bought at a rummage sale for fifty cents many years ago that I thought might come in handy for something finally would! I draped it over our coffee table.

Vintage 70s Fondue Party (1)

Vintage 70s Fondue Party (3)

I made the cheese sauce from scratch without a recipe and other than being a little too thick it was delicious. It felt silly and fun and a great way to say another F word to the pandemic gloom.

Lawrence Welk

So does this color green. Take that, Darkness!

Treasure Chest

I had completely forgotten that I had this never opened vintage blue blanket in one of my steamer trunks for which I paid $5. It was a magical find because I had a set of pillow cases and a top sheet that are so pretty but don’t really coordinate with my existing blankets…until now with this one!

Vintage flower power sheets

On Sunday the sun was being flaky but warmed the sunroom up enough when it wasn’t seemingly in cloud quarantine so that we could have an early dinner in it. Specifically, a pizza party!


This was the first time we’ve had food from a restaurant since sometime in February due to Covid. The local pizza place delivers and they have their own homemade gluten-free crust. I had mine with broccoli, spinach and artichoke. It was delicious and Wayne enjoyed his pizza, too. Even though it was “just” pizza we were so appreciative of it and everything we have so it really did feel like a party.

9 thoughts on “Pandemic Flower Power, Parties, Pizza

  1. Groovy!! I would love to know how you made the fondue.
    I tried to make fondue for Christmas. With a recipe. It failed. What is fondue supposed to look like? Mine was chunky and not saucy. It wouldn’t stick to the food. How can cheese not stick to the food I ask ya?
    We went skipping rocks in the Green River on Sunday. Wish I could share some pictures.
    It was really warm then the next day was cold and rainy with a super wind. My outdoor boy wouldn’t even go out in it.
    Oh! And we did some ill advised gardening. Actually I just repotted plants and my daughter started some sunflower seeds for a project we’re putting together for when it gets warmer.


    1. Hey Vienna! I first made a white sauce with butter, flour and milk, then added cheese. It was thick and creamy and clung to the food but next time will make it a little less clingy so that one dunk doesn’t use up so much! 😀 I don’t have the exact recipe written down since I winged it!


      1. That makes sense to me. A white sauce with cheese melted into it.
        I found a recipe in a Fanny Farmer cookbook. Basically you melt the cheese in wine. It tasted awful too. I thought I’d give it a try since my mother in law’s macaroni and cheese doesn’t have a flour in it and it wonderful.

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