Deep Sadness

Yesterday evening after watching Lawrence Welk I was sitting on the rocking chair in the sunroom. I saw my neighbor’s chipmunk I named Buddy standing up looking over at my house. Ricky had more babies and he has been very interested in everything happening. Like all chipmunks he is sweet, charming and curious. They continually fill me with joy.

Wayne came in and was standing somewhat in front of me when I saw something odd in the neighbor’s yard behind him where Buddy had been standing. I didn’t have my glasses on and the sun was low in the sky behind her house. I put on my glasses. It was a hawk perched on the ground with its wings partially open looking like a large angel of death. I ran out but it was too late. I watched it fly away with Buddy. I’m devastated. I had always prayed that I would never witness this very thing. I was able to save his life almost one year ago when a hawk was dive-bombing him. Not this time.

RIP sweet Buddy. You passed while you were captivated and captivating. I also know that you are not a pet. I couldn’t keep you safe. You are a wild animal, not captive. You are with the Lord now and I pray you know how much we love you. In your honor we have made a donation to our favorite wildlife rescue and it will go towards caring for chipmunks.

14 thoughts on “Deep Sadness

  1. I’m so sorry. I know how much Buddy meant to you. The brutal side of nature is hard to take sometimes. How wonderful that you made a donation in his honor.

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  2. Averyl, I’m so sorry! I know hawks are just doing what they’re designed to do but I hate it. 😞 We are perpetually on Hawk Alert because of the bunnies in our backyard. What a nice way to pay tribute to Buddy. Hope you feel better soon. 🌻🌻🌻

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  3. I’m sorry about Buddy. I offer you a poem ‘I Lost My Friend’ by Langston Hughs..short and
    poignant. Friends come in all ages, shapes and sizes and some are even furry!
    Take good care. Marge

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  4. Oh, Averyl, I’m so sorry. This makes me cry. Not only that it happened but that you had to witness it. How devastating! May God give you comfort in the sweet memories.

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    1. Thank you, Aileen. Your prayer for comfort must have reached me. Right before you left your comment, probably while you were typing it, I was looking outside my window for Cider. I suddenly thought: Cider belongs to God. Buddy belonged to God, still does. The chipmunks belong to God. The hawk belongs to God. I don’t understand why the suffering here but we will return to our source in the end. Buddy went home. ❤ It's still sad and I'm crying as I type this. Thank you again for your prayers and understanding.

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