Be Someone’s Jackpot

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to be another creature’s jackpot. Chipmunks have a very rough life fraught with constant danger and often, enmity from humans. Desi, a new friend this season who was one of the chipmunk babies from last fall all grown up almost got killed by my neighbor’s dog this morning. She lives in her yard but comes to visit. I was outside waiting for her and I heard growling, then the sound of the dog slamming into the fence and rustling leaves. I’ve heard this before and usually I see a squirrel running for its life over the fence. Today it was sweet little Desi only she made her escape through a small space underneath it.

Be Kind To Rodents (3)

Desi ran up and clung to this tree breathing rabidly–I could see her tiny silhouette in the early morning sun. Then she climbed onto this branch where she sat in the shade for a while. Finally she came down and in addition to seeds I brought out some water since it was going to be in the 80s. Just like a dog with her little tongue she took a few drinks from the “bowl” which in this case was a jar lid.

Be Kind To Rodents (4)

My buddy Cider visits with me every day.

Be Kind To Rodents (6)

Being able to give seeds, water and fruit to these friends of mine makes me feel so wealthy! Not only do I have their trust but I’m able to give them something that only a tiny percentage of chipmunks will ever have handed to them. The price of the seeds–maybe $150 a season–is a bargain for what I get in return.

I couldn’t save Buddy’s life last weekend but I did save his life almost a year ago when a hawk was dive-bombing him. I saved a life!

It’s these little creatures that give me the opportunity to feel like a Godsend when I sometimes struggle with feelings of worthlessness. 

One of my neighbors knows how much I love chipmunks and how sad I’ve been about the hawk taking Buddy. She also knew I was having some issues with ordering masks online.


She surprised me with this adorable woodland creature mask she made herself! Jackpot!

Be Kind To Rodents (1)

Stormy and Stella, the Degu Sisters of a certain age that we adopted last winter from the shelter wish you a happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Be Someone’s Jackpot

  1. And just like that it goes from snowing to summer breathing down our necks. The drama of yard life! You and the chipmunks are mutual jackpots, and I love reading your stories.

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  2. That is an adorable mask! Don’t ever think of yourself as worthless, Averyl. You are an inspiration to me spiritually, personally and as a lover of nature and of chipmunks. You and your blog are a bright spot on the internet!


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