Hey everyone who reads my blog! I decided sometime this spring that I needed a long break from blogging which I had originally posted about here. I made my blog private because my plan was up for renewal and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay another year of hosting; a free account means ads show up (and I don’t make anything from them) which I didn’t want. I used the time offline to sort through three years of posts to decide which I wanted to keep or discard. I decided to pay for hosting another year so here it is! I’m still not planning to get back into blogging on a regular basis but I do update regularly on Instagram. Anything related to books I publish in the future (and there will be!) will be posted here to my blog. I hope you are all finding ways to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive and can find comfort in the fact that 2020 is almost over! And yes, my silver hair matches my vintage aluminum Christmas tree! As always, no plans to cover it up…

10 thoughts on “Update

  1. Uli from Germany
    I had been wondering what had happened to you, because the blog had been blocked.
    Don’t put yourself under any sort of pressure to produce content – it’s meant to be fun!
    All the best!

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  2. Happy New Year!
    It’s been a super busy year for us.
    It’s like a new chapter got tuned.
    Did you see the Northern Lights?
    Did you see the Star of Bethlehem?

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  3. Merry Christmas Averyl! Glad to see your posting again, even if it’s not going to be a lot. Your hair looks so cute. I am letting my gray come in as well. No more hiding. Silver tree silver hair what’s not to love. Happy New Year!

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