If It’s Home, Make It Homey

I’ve always enjoyed homemaking and I miss writing about it! Even when I was living in the most unlikeliest of places for being a homemaker–a small bedroom in a housing project while growing up, a dorm room, the tiny Vermont house no bigger than a shed I lived in during grad school, it didn’t matter. I’ve always created and managed a budget whether on a piece of scrap paper, spreadsheet or software. I furnished my home with antiques and vintage items bought for a dime or dollars at yard sales. A carpet remnant I bought at an outlet on East 64th street with money I made from pet-sitting and carried home on the Tramway to Roosevelt Island covered ugly black asbestos tiles in my childhood bedroom.

I love cleaning. It’s meditative, gratifying and simple. It’s not glamorous but I love the results that ensure cleanliness and comfort.

When I clean the bathroom I put on the classic country music station, “The Outlaw” on my vintage transistor radio that I got from a “free” yard sale pile. It really makes it more enjoyable to listen to uplifting sad songs that make me smile when I’m doing my least favorite but important chore.

In December I bought a new all cotton shower curtain from Target on sale for $15. I placed one of two stained glass votive holders on a shelf that I think coordinates so nicely with it.

Instead of a real tea light I use a battery-operated flameless candle so that it’s a beautiful, safe night light.

There was an article the other day about a governmental kerfuffle over the speed and efficiency of dishwashers. If you want the government to keep their hands off your dish washing then do them by hand! Many of you know that my vintage kitchen never had a dishwasher and there are no plans to get one. As for the argument that it’s more environmentally sound to use a machine, that’s not true at all in many cases such as mine! As a family of two we wouldn’t fill it to capacity in a day and most of my cookware is not machine washable! No way would I put my well-seasoned cast iron in one. When I do the dishes I don’t keep the hot water running when I’m scrubbing, either. I can also use a bar of castile soap.

And what about all of those old dishwashers going into landfills?

Some will say it is a waste of time to do them by hand, that there are more important, interesting, gratifying or profitable things to do. OK, that’s fair and personal. As for me, I enjoy it. It’s relaxing; a reassuring familiar and timeless task when the world is ever-changing and nutty. When isn’t it?!

I’ll be doing more homemaking posts soon.

6 thoughts on “If It’s Home, Make It Homey

  1. I love your transistor radio aid in cleaning the bathroom! Years ago, I put an old school boom box no one wanted any longer on the windowsill of my laundry room. When dealing with mounds of bed linens, I’d put on my classical station, fill my spray bottle with lavender water, and occasionally nibble on a peanut M&M, since they would not melt in my hands. Music, lavender, chocolate, all contributed to brightening a chore.

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  2. I have several led candles. I love the night light you did with one. And the tea lights in the small glasses are very cute. I like that idea.

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