Layer Cake for Breakfast, Controversial Homemakers

January and February are when the sun shines brightest in my kitchen and I create new recipes. As Julia Child said, with cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude. I decided that I wanted to make a delicious, healthy breakfast cleverly disguised as a decadent dessert layer cake. Why haven’t I done this sooner, anyway? With organic oats, eggs, Greek yogurt, bananas, dates, a twist of Meyer lemon juice (Wayne’s brother gifts us lemons every year from their tree in California) and a few other secret specifics I did it! It’s light and lovely!

I baked the wholesome fruit sweetened breakfast batter in two 8″ rounds.

I “frosted” the middle with Greek yogurt lightly sweetened with homemade confectioner’s sugar.

Yesterday I came across a few homemaking quotes that I appreciate:

From a Playgirl interview with Paul and Linda McCartney, 1985: Linda McCartney, who was born into the affluence of maids, country clubs and East Coast American-establishment life, does all the housework and child-rearing herself. And she has the dark circles under her eyes and the dishpan hands to prove it.

“I consider myself a peasant,” she says. “I guess I rebelled against the privilege I was born into. To tell you the truth, I never had a friend in my life until I moved to Arizona, except one girlfriend from high school. I’m not a girly, gossipy person. I always got along very nicely with animals. My kids are my best friends.”

From a 2010 Edible Manhattan interview with Yoko Ono:

“Women of the ’60s made pickles, too, you know. Health food started then. We were feminists but we weren’t dumb.”

From CNN: “I was at home, so I was running the dishwasher, putting my clothes in the laundry. We’re still waiting for him to return the call,” she (Nancy Pelosi) told CBS Sunday night.

Nancy Pelosi’s causal comments about homemaking got me thinking. She can afford to pay someone else to do that. Then I thought, maybe she finds it therapeutic they way so many of us do, especially when America has gone mad! (Please keep any comments on homemaking, not politics. Thank you.)

7 thoughts on “Layer Cake for Breakfast, Controversial Homemakers

  1. I love being a homemaker 🙂 It surprises me that people assume it’s a lowly position, outdated, or anything negative. Cleaning is relaxing (to me) and I love taking care of my home and family 🙂 I’m learning how to cook better things. I have a college education and I’m studying to be fluent in 4 languages, too 🙂

    And about politics, let me tell you… Nah, I’m kidding! 😁 That cake looks great!

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    1. Ha thank you!

      Homemaking can be so healing and healthy when it’s done with care.

      OK, four languages?! Wow, that’s great! My late grandfather spoke seven languages. I have never been able to master anything beyond the Spanish I learned from Sesame Street in the 1970s. 😦

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      1. Okay, seven is really impressive! Wow!

        LoL Hey at least you know some! If you know Spanish, you can learn Italian and/or French easier than you’d think! So that would be my tip 😉

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        1. I know very little Spanish…I can count to ten…and the only class I ever did poorly in during high school was French! I did have a very mean teacher, though, ha! My brain just doesn’t flex in that kind of way. It’s ok! 🙂

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