Valentine’s Day Cake & Amarena Cherry Mocktails

We had my Valentine’s cake for lunch and my Valentine loves it! I’m really happy since I had never baked with beet juice before so I had no idea what the result would be. I’m also glad to have discovered Fabbri Amerena cherries which was a direct result of my planning for this cake when I was doing an ingredient search for delectable red edibles. Since we don’t consume alcohol it’s wonderful to find something that can turn a simple sparkling water beverage into a sophisticated mocktail in addition to making a dessert shine.

For the cake layers I used one of my basic gluten-free batter recipes and substituted organic beet juice for the milk. I also omitted the sugar! Beet juice is naturally sweet and I don’t like overly sweet cakes.

For the frosting I whipped heavy cream from the local dairy by hand with a rotary beater. It’s great exercise and takes about ten to twelve minutes. Then I lightly sweetened it with confectioner’s sugar.

The middle filling is organic sweetened Morello cherry jam with whipped cream on top.

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday I hand grated ruby chocolate to create a naturally pink decorative topping. It has a gentle berry-like flavor.

I completed the cake with glistening candied wild Amarena cherries that look like beautiful dark red gems.

The flavor and texture is superb and sophisticated–not cloyingly sweet because of the balance of the sweetened sour Morello cherries and lightly sweetened, airy cream. The cake doesn’t taste like beets, just pleasantly sweet. The color didn’t remain bright red inside after baking but the outside of the cake was more so on the top and outer edges. As for the rich single wild candied cherry on top I took small bites of it while eating the cake. Gosh, I want to go have another slice as I type this!

Before I used the Amarena cherries I contacted Fabbri to make sure there wasn’t any alcohol content in them. There are many foods that do have alcohol but aren’t required to mention it on the label like fermented foods. I heard back right away from the very nice marketing director who assured me they do not. I posted a photo of my humble cake on Instagram and am so honored that Fabbri shared my cake in their Stories!


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