Ricky made it! She emerged yesterday!

Last week my heart warmed when I saw three chipmunks chasing each other on my deck before making a beeline into the woods, and about thirty seconds later a fourth chipmunk ran towards the fast-moving merry parade. I watched another in my woods run back and forth along a wood pile in the warm sunlight. Free from the dark burrow! Fresh air! Yet Ricky had still not emerged until yesterday afternoon.

Like all chipmunks that first surface after the long winter (I’ve witnessed a few) they will gaze sometimes for more than an hour, as if awestruck. It’s a beautiful sight! She came for some seeds not long after and then “drank” some snow. She is a dear friend and her return immediate brightened my outlook. God bless you, Ricky!

13 thoughts on “Ricky made it! She emerged yesterday!

  1. Yay! ❤️
    We had recorded breaking temperatures last week. Two days ago I heard the Meadowlarks singing at noon. Now we’re supposed to get record breaking snowfall.

    Feed those Chippies well. 😊

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