Silver Linings & A Fetching Chipmunk

I got my first Covid vaccine dose (Pfizer) yesterday!!!! My immediate side-effects were relief and joy. Then in the middle of the night I woke up and had a giggling fit for about ten minutes because I was so giddy with excitement about all the things I’ll soon be able to do. Wayne had his second dose a few days ago. We’ll still mask up in public, of course, but now we can soon visit with friends. When I got home after my vaccine it was about 6:30 and the sky was so beautiful behind my house. It had rained very hard while I was inside at the clinic and stopped when I got home. I love the silver lining on the clouds reflecting the setting sun.

I think Ricky is pregnant again, and if true this will be her third time giving birth since I’ve known her. She had a suitor stopping by a couple of weeks ago. She’s very popular with the fellows, and it’s not just because of her looks. She’s very clever and can pour on the charm. Yesterday she surprised me. I had brought out a small piece of a “Wild Wonder” cherry tomato for her after giving her an entire one each day for a few days prior. She showed no interest in it, just the sunflower seeds, so I tossed the small piece of tomato far off into my yard knowing a squirrel or bird would enjoy it. About ten minutes later I looked outside my window and this is what I saw:

She retrieved it and was looking into my window to make sure I saw her eating it!

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