Sometimes Hair Isn’t Simple

Many of my long-term readers are familiar with my decision to not color my hair and embrace going gray, but sometimes society has a way of influencing us in complex ways. So, I decided to go blond! It’s really important to me that you read on about my decision!

April Fools! It’s a wig! Who knows, maybe I’ll wear it out and about sometime! I’m a fan of Dolly Parton and love her sense of play and all of her wigs which inspired me to buy this inexpensive accessory on Amazon. The truth is I still prefer my gray hair but we’re all entitled to some blond moments!

8 thoughts on “Sometimes Hair Isn’t Simple

  1. I think it looks lovely! My girlfriend lent me a blond wig many years ago for a Halloween party. She said she didn’t want it back. I wore it out shopping just one time for fun, and I felt like a spy! I was invisible, not myself, and loved that feeling of being incognito. However, it wasn’t that much fun especially when I saw what a mess my hair was when I took it off, so I never wore it again.


  2. Ha! I love it! You look like Tinkerbell. 🥰🥰🥰 I have a shirt that says WWDD… What Would Dolly Do?
    This is definitely a Dolly move in my book!

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