Yankee Thrift: Spending with Love and Not for a Love of Spending!

Let a man have a genius for spending; and whether his income is a dollar a day or a dollar a minute, it is equally certain to prove inadequate. — Horace Greeley, 1850

I’m looking forward to spending money this spring and summer! There are restaurants and places that were off-limits due to Covid in 2020, so we saved that money to spend that much more this year now that we’ll be vaccinated and restrictions more relaxed. (Yes, we will still be masking up when not dining and distancing per CDC.) We have “spending money” in our budget and it’s reserved for those things we don’t need but certainly love to do, but it is always within our means. We invest it in experiences that enrich our lives or satisfy our appetites that also support our local economy. Whether that budget is a hundred dollars one year or thousands another, the focus is on what we love and not a “love of spending”. I’m like you and so many who will say that they love so many things so that how can one not be good at spending beyond their means?!

By balancing a love of nice things with a genius for saving it doesn’t feel like a battle at all. There are many things we’d love to have but because we love what we do have and even more so love the peace of mind that comes with the security of having enough, we don’t feel like we’re somehow missing out.

Horace Greely was very wise in pointing out that not one person in this world has the means to buy everything they could possibly want!

By cultivating the gift of appreciation, having enough doesn’t feel like deprivation at all. It’s the same way with how I changed my approach to eating so that I was able to lose weight and keep it off while enjoying wholesome, delicious yet simple food. We don’t eat out much at all in the winter so that we can spend more on high-quality humanely raised and more environmentally-friendly sourced food to create from-scratch dishes at home.

So to be clear, this Thrifty Yankee isn’t always frugal because the gift of thrift is about having a genius for knowing when to save and when to indulge. Possessions take a backseat to being self-possessed!

5 thoughts on “Yankee Thrift: Spending with Love and Not for a Love of Spending!

  1. Enjoy those wonderful little treats! There indeed is a difference between Yankee thrift and cheapness! It is knowing the value of what we are purchasing, and making our money work for us through experiences and joy. My husband and I were fully vaccinated this past Friday, so we went to the shore and ate wonderful seafood, walked the beach, and gazed at an incredible sunrise over the sea. Every penny, well-spent!

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      1. It felt so good just to get out of town. We went to Little Sands in York, Maine. We were really impressed with how well the hotel and restaurants have things organized –– plenty of distance between tables, lots of plexiglass between booths, and I didn’t see a single person on the street without a mask. Made us feel a lot more secure in our first venture out

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        1. Wonderful to hear and I’m glad you chose Maine and supported our businesses! I’m so excited to venture out soon! I’ll be fully vaccinated one week from this coming Monday. Wayne is already fully vaccinated.

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