Enjoying the Best from 2020

I know I said my little series about how I decided to go to college in New England and not New York would be coming up next, but I’ve decided to make it “soon”. I like to intersperse my more essay-oriented posts with snippets of joy and photos.

Tonight we’re having the last batch of the heirloom sauce I made from the tomatoes in our garden. If you’re interested I posted the recipe here. There is (almost) NOTHING better than homegrown tomatoes. I honestly can taste all of the sweet memories of last summer and early fall. When your food is picked fresh it also still has much of the life force within it. If that sounds kooky just try some and I bet you’ll experience what I mean. Plus they’re loaded with love!

After I defrosted the sauce I poured it over hot gluten-free lentil pasta, then placed it in the oven where the sauce will bake into the elbows.

Things are starting to blossom including the dandelions so I did quite a bit of weeding these past few days. It’s also been extra dry so the chipmunks and squirrels appreciate drinking from the bird bath I have out on the deck.

I also put out the seven dwarfs this past weekend. If you missed my adventure with finding them, you can read about it here.

I’m so excited that I will soon be fully vaccinated!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Best from 2020

    1. Thanks! My 2nd vaccination was one week and three days ago, so Monday morning I’m fully vaccinated per CDC. So like you we’re going out to an actual restaurant (indoors) to celebrate Monday night!

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