Hedge Fund Investments: Divine Dividends

When most people think of a house as being an investment, it means they spend money on things that will contribute to financial gain when they sell it in a few years or more. We live in a culture of a “starter home” mentality where the belief is that one should always be buying something bigger and more expensive when able. When I bought my house my goal was for it to be my “forever” home, so one of my long-term investments for which I’m now enjoying the gains are my natural window treatments of the street-facing windows in my sunroom. A small investment in two potted perennials which have been nurtured for ten years have blossomed into the gorgeous privacy screen of my dreams!

What are some long-term investments you’ve made in your home simply for the joy it brings you and not because your ROI will be financial gain?

8 thoughts on “Hedge Fund Investments: Divine Dividends

  1. We removed the doors to one bedroom and 2 closets. Our home is 936 square feet, no pets, no kids, just us. We can fit larger furniture in our kitchen and bedrooms since we removed the doors. I painted the closets in pretty pastel colors and stenciled the shelves. When and if we sell this house, the new owners can replace all the doors they want!

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      1. We use them as closets. With the doors still on the closets, we couldn’t fit 2 side tables in the bedroom. Having matching clothes hangers and pretty colors help. Our biggest pet peeve is the fact that even though our house *looks* like a flat rectangle, windows aren’t hung in the middle of walls, door placement doesn’t make any sense, and there is wasted space throughout – which has created so many headaches! But on the plus side, the limitations are freeing because in a home this size, there is a cap to what can be achieved…but also to what could go wrong! 😆

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