PSA: Outdoor Cats Are NOT a Natural Part of the “Circle of Life”!

Hello everyone! I have been very busy with good things but needed to post this immediately. I hope you will consider what I’m sharing if you have outdoor cats. I know that I may be vilified for speaking my mind about this, I have been in the past when I shared on social media amongst “friends” who found it amusing that their cats were bringing them dead birds and chipmunks, but catering to the opinions of others when it goes against what I believe to be a moral issue isn’t something I’m good at, thankfully!

An Instagram “influencer” with a large following just shared that she is going to be adopting “barn cats” for “rodent control”. I left the following comment: “Very disappointed to see you promoting cats as ‘rodent control’. Please educate yourself about the impact of outdoor cats on wildlife. Cats are also not part of the natural ‘circle of life’, they are actually invasive and kill literally billions of birds every year!”

Even a shelter where I have adopted from here in Maine is advertising some of their cats as great “working cats” for rodent control. Yes I did call them to share my opinion. What about all the rest of wildlife? And why do rodents minding their own business in their natural habitat need to be “controlled” via killing?

A 2013 study estimated “free-ranging domestic cats kill between 1.3 and 4 billion birds – on top of between 6.2 and 22.3 billion mammals – every year in the United States alone, the majority by feral or unowned cats.” You can read more here. The Humane Society has an article on how to bring outside cats indoors. Another option is to buy or build an enclosed outdoor “catio.”

Update: Said influencer deleted my good faith comment and my account has been blocked by this “good vibes” influencer.

Follow-up thoughts: A year away from “society” during the pandemic has been good for me. I was able to get more centered and experience comfy clothes. There are so many things I used to put up with or kept quiet about pre-pandemic. I also held onto clothes that didn’t fit me because I blamed my body instead of the made in China garbage cuts. Today I went to Goodwill to donate what doesn’t fit despite having spent a lot of money on it. I’m ready to sever more toxic ties, whether directly or having it done for me by simply and politely speaking my mind. In situations like these, letting go isn’t a sign of weakness any more than being discarded is a sign of lack of value. I feel liberated!

Outdoor cats and the impact on wildlife is something I feel very strongly about and is supported by hard data. I know it can be polarizing. I hope you will kindly consider my opinion and research the facts. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “PSA: Outdoor Cats Are NOT a Natural Part of the “Circle of Life”!

  1. “Educate yourself” never goes over well 😁 But what you tried to tell them is so true, though! Cats outside wreak havoc on the wildlife.

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    1. Interesting. I am always trying to educate myself further. I definitely don’t ever want to sound flippant or lazy by simply saying to someone “educate yourself” and would never say it as a complete sentence. In an Instagram comment it’s hard to go into depth about anything but I was sure to include a statistic. I admit I was surprised that she didn’t ignore my comment, I was one of hundreds of comments, or that she didn’t simply respond with “I disagree” or “I hadn’t considered that” or many other possible reactions.

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      1. Yeah, sometimes even if you’re nice, people don’t want to hear that they’re wrong.

        If she gets the barn cats she might get less mice, but also less birds which are kind of awesome to have. Well, at least you tried!

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        1. Chipmunks are rodents and I made a vow to a chipmunk named Wishy, the one I wrote a book about, that I would give a voice to him and all the chipmunks as long as I lived. In addition to loving birds except hawks (but they ARE a natural part of the circle of life), I love many outdoor critters that cats prey upon. It’s not just mice. If a mouse is indoors I get it. Anyway, thank you for your support!

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  2. Keep up the good fight, Averyl. I admire your tenacity and service to the wild things. It’s a noble undertaking. I’m glad you exist.

    Take care and a hello to Wayne…

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    1. Thank you, Haidee! Yesterday I was telling someone about my chipmunk, Ricky. He then shared and made light of his cats killing chipmunks and called it the “cycle of life.” I calmly explained the data to the contrary. He did say his cats now wear bells to alert potential prey but after that I had to cut him off when he wanted to share details of their kills. I hope that my plainly stated plea to keep his cats indoors or set up a catio will stick with him even though he hightailed it away from me when I firmly stated I didn’t want to hear more about the dreadful details.


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