Our Two Acre Homestead is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat!

I’m thrilled to report that our land is now registered and certified by the National Wildlife Foundation as a wildlife habitat! Many of you know how hard I’ve worked over the past few years to embrace a natural lawn without the use of herbicides. I’ve fought to protect our vernal pool from abutting disturbances, turned down an offer from a local real estate broker who wanted to buy some of our land, and had our vernal pool documented by the Maine DEP to prevent improper development in the future once I’m no longer here to protect it. We also have a stream, woods, owls, fern garden, and lots of wildlife! Chipmunks, squirrels, peepers, voles, deer, wild turkeys and many other different species of birds live amongst us. We have all of the five essential elements needed to become certified, and one of them is controlling invasive species which includes keeping cats indoors if you have them. You don’t need to have a large backyard or acreage to become certified!

I took this photo of a dragonfly by our front door yesterday. We are blessed with many colorful dragonflies in the summer thanks to our vernal pool and stream. Many of our neighbors spray chemicals to get rid of mosquitos; dragonflies love to feast on them (mosquitos, not our neighbors. They don’t actively bite humans)! One dragonfly can consume over 100 mosquitos in a day! Because of them we not only have safe mosquito control but their air shows, as I like to think of them, are something to behold. They’re kind of like mini bi-planes.

Learning to live simply and in harmony with what God created can be both fun and rewarding!

Updated 6/22 with photo of our new sign!

6 thoughts on “Our Two Acre Homestead is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat!

    1. Thanks! It’s something I first looked into last year when I learned about it in the local paper after an organic farm and garden in my town became certified. I realized I had been doing most of the things anyway so wanted to exceed the requirements and then made it official. Truth is that nature does all the work, really! We’re just the stewards. Yay is right!


  1. Hi Averyl,
    You must be so happy about this. The wildlife that use your property…you’ve provided a safe haven for them. Non- toxic food sources, breeding grounds and shelter for the wild things. To do SOMETHING for the animals and birds when the planet appears to be under attack from all sides is such a life-affirming undertaking. Making your corner of the world a better place is no small undertaking and I’m thrilled for you. And them.
    HI to Wayne….

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    1. THANK YOU, Haidee. I needed to read this today. Earlier someone let their dog run through the neighboring property and into my woods. I of course politely but firmly stated that he needed to keep his dog out of my woods. I will do all that I can. ❤


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