Out Picking: Happy Poppies Day! Free & Frugal Finds

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads and father figures! My father spent last weekend in Maine so we celebrated then. Yesterday one of Wayne’s daughters was in town and we met our grandson for the first time–he was born at the beginning of Covid. What a little cutie he is! I love that I’m a grandma. Before we met them for lunch I did a little picking at a rummage and yard sale, and came home with some sweet glass and artwork:

The vintage cut crystal napkin holder was $2.00. I use a napkin holder for masks by the front door. The vintage Portland, Maine apothecary bottles were $1 each. The gorgeous etched mocktail (for us) mixing pitcher with the glass stirrer in mint condition was only $1!

This lovely mid-century glass Christmas tree topper was fifty cents. Wayne and I like how the previous owner wrote down all of the years it was placed on their tree before it made its way to a rummage sale.

The simple beauty of geese in flight is framed in wood and signed by the wildlife artist, Bernard C Scott. How much would you pay for this? I only had to pay fifty cents! I love rummage sales.

Today on the way to church in Kennebunkport we stopped at the flea market. I have been wanting a panel of stained glass for a couple of years now for one of the windows in my home office facing my desk but hadn’t seen any I wanted, or they cost a lot more than I wanted to spend. The true-life winter scene outside that window in December, January and February is very monochrome so colorful reflections will add some cheer.

This vintage “leaded stained glass” panel featuring two large poppy flowers is over thirty inches long and is in a solid wood gold frame. I didn’t know until examining it up close that it’s actually plexiglass! I like it even more because it’s not as heavy. I can’t believe that this beautiful framed piece of window suncatcher art in such a decorative frame cost me a mere $9!

As we left church we passed a home in Kennebunkport with a “free” sign next to boxes of goodies where I found the two bowls which are in my sunroom now. I plan to fill them with homemade potpourri and dried rose petals. The old etched serving tray from the 1950s is perfect for placing on my kitchen table to protect the tablecloths from dripping wax when we light candles at dinnertime. We use bobeches but sometimes they don’t do the trick.

I hope you enjoy reading about my thrifty finds and feel inspired to do some picking wherever you may be!

4 thoughts on “Out Picking: Happy Poppies Day! Free & Frugal Finds

  1. Congratulations on your grandbaby, Averyl! I have 5 soon to be six. My late husband’s daughter is pregnant with her second. 🙂 My daughter’s kids call me Granny and I’m Mimi to my stepdaughters kids.

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