My Daily Bread: Home Comforts Made With Love

Baking whole grain gluten-free bread from scratch with my own hard-earned recipe made without the use of added artifice, starchy flours or gums is very rewarding. It’s also “time consuming” to do it almost every week instead of buying bread from a store or bakery. If I approach it as a chore or task it feels like a burden. When I’m aware of how fortunate I am to be healthy enough to do my own baking, can make the time, have a kitchen in which to bake, and beautiful vintage mixing bowls I bought for next to nothing while out picking, and actually enjoy eating the bread I make, it’s easy to love doing it. Instead of “gotta make the bread” I see it as a privilege and luxury.

Some years ago I always bought pre-cut watermelon in plastic packaging. Many times it wasn’t always very fresh, either. Yet, I didn’t want to be “bothered” with cutting a watermelon myself. Now I look forward to it as well as eating some from the rind. It’s fun. It’s so much fresher plus I’m not buying all that added, wasteful plastic.

Having to turn over a record or put on a new one doesn’t feel archaic to me. While cutting up a watermelon today I enjoyed some soft and sappy music. Anyone else like The Lettermen? What about their hair?!

Roses from one of our bushes

Right now I need to start dinner. I’m making a chicken and cabbage stir-fry in a very large antique cast iron skillet that Wayne refers to as my “traditional New England wok”, ha!

5 thoughts on “My Daily Bread: Home Comforts Made With Love

  1. Any bread I buy that’s gluten free leaves much to be desired. You inspire me to try baking it on my own. Next weekend I may just have to start on that little adventure!

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    1. Excellent! If you create mishaps as I did many times, I dried it out and used it to make croutons or breadcrumbs as well as inspired creations!


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