Floaters and Passers-By

I went to my eye doctor last week, and I officially have my first “floater” which can occur with maturing eyes. It kind of looks like an amoeba floating by on repeat. I guess the good news is that now, instead of just tinnitus, I have a full audio-visual experience! Thankfully, just like my tinnitus, it’s not noticeable all of the time, and when it is, I’ve gotten better at not being annoyed or anxious. I also recently had an audiogram to make sure the hearing loss in my right ear hasn’t worsened and it’s actually improved a bit!

Wayne and I recently went on a ferry ride to tour the Islands which we like to do in the summer. If you visit Portland, which just made #8 in U.S. News list of best places to live, I highly recommend you take a ride!

Last week a fellow walking his dog past my house stopped to tell me that he’s a staff photographer for the Press Herald and said that he featured our house with my vintage blow mold Santa Claus in the window in a photo series a couple of Christmases ago! I had no idea. He said that he always assumed an old couple lived in the house. Well, he’s right!!! I explained that I was pretty much born a ninety year-old lady in spirit.

A couple of days ago while I was doing some yard work a nice white-haired woman walking her dog stopped to tell me that she admires our tomato plants and she smiled as she recalled when she used to make great Italian sauce with her own tomatoes.

I enjoy and savor these kinds of passing connections centered around our house and how we live, however fleeting and brief.

Another recent visitor passing through made me scream so loud that the neighborhood kids screaming at play went silent for a minute. There was a little garter snake, and I took a short video of it. When I stopped, Wayne moved and inadvertently startled it. It stood straight up in the air facing me and then charged at me! They are very fast!!!!! I screamed and ran for my life and then burst out laughing as the harmless and frightened snake slithered away from us into the shrubs. It was good to have some comic relief, even and especially when I’m the subject.

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