Tomato Update: Too much rain, not enough sun.

We’ve had record-breaking rain, almost four inches above normal for July with little sun in between. Two weeks ago our tomato plants were exploding! The rich green leaves were lush with loads of baby tomatoes and blossoms! I was so optimistic I planned on canning for the first time ever and started buying supplies. Twenty-six tomato plants could mean sauce all winter and gifting jars of them to friends and family! This morning I have already pruned about a third of the plants due to fungus and many of the blossoms have died. The cherry tomatoes in the containers behind our house collapsed yesterday under the weight of the rain along with a gusty wind. Because we’ve had so little sun, and there is less sun behind our house, they had grown taller than their stakes (I read they will grow too tall if this happens) and I hadn’t yet topped them off. Now they are about half of what they were.

Diseased leaves I pruned.
Cherry tomato plants in back of the house.

I’m calling the photo above “A Shot of Hope.” This was from one of the cherry tomato plants that lost some stalks. I’m curious and intrigued by the idea that I can grow these tomatoes in water only. In any case as long as we have enough tomatoes for the greatest homegrown tomato-mayo sandwiches in the world (nothing like ’em!!!) from mid-August through mid-September I’ll be happy!

5 thoughts on “Tomato Update: Too much rain, not enough sun.

  1. My tomatoes are not doing well either! My red cherry collapsed as well, and I’ve had some rot. But the season is still young, and I’m sure we’ll get some sun. I say this as I shake off the rain from my hair after bringing the puppy out for the third time this morning!

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    1. Oh no! I was wondering how it was for you in VT. It’s true that there is time for a turnaround, but right now it’s not raining and very humid, so nothing is drying out. Also not a good time for the roses in bloom. The fungus has gotten to them, too.

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