A Fairy Patch

It’s raining again today and I’m not sure our tomato plants are going to be able to survive. I can’t cut any more diseased leaves off because if I do there won’t be any plants left. I’ve invested at least an hour a day in them since May so it feels like a personal loss. I’m losing hope of ever having my favorite homegrown tomato sandwiches this summer. Yesterday, however, we had a day of sunshine.

Wayne and I went for a drive to visit some special places including a secret garden. Although I was surrounded by beauty I couldn’t shake off a deep melancholy that had set in. I felt powerless. Finally I stopped fighting it and let myself feel sad. It was then that I saw a chipmunk dart across my path and I went over to where it led me. It was a little patch of fairyland!

First I noticed the bees…

Then the butterflies…(or is this beauty a moth?)

A hummingbird!!! And then what I’ve been wanting to see in real life but never had until then…

A hummingbird moth! I posted a little video of it on Instagram which you can watch here. They are very fairy-like to me, I love them.

The hummingbird, hummingbird moths (there were at least two), bees and butterflies circled around me as they pollinated the patch of Bee Balm. I felt like I was a part of this little magical festival. All the sadness and heaviness I had been feeling was instantly lifted. Wayne came over and saw that the change in me and we watched them together.

Once again I feel deep gratitude for a chipmunk that led me to a brighter place in my head and heart, and these wonderful pollinators upon whom we all depend.

8 thoughts on “A Fairy Patch

  1. How amazing it is that nature holds the key to lifting sad moods and depression. It makes you think about the huge incidence of depression these days and how urban we’ve become.

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