Reader Question: Do you have a Secret Garden?

When I was living on Roosevelt Island in New York City I discovered a small area that was, in retrospect, a terrible place for me to sit as far as chemicals go! It was a bit of a landfill with empty barrels. But it also had trees. So before school, wearing my Sony Walkman headphones around my neck, I’d bring my bagel from the diner and sit in the relative silence and stillness. It was wonderful! I was able to feel moments of calm during an otherwise chaotic and painful time. It was my secret getaway.

I’d love to know if you, my dear readers, have a special place in nature, or close to it? It can be a beautiful place outside or a potted plant by a window that brings you comfort…

4 thoughts on “Reader Question: Do you have a Secret Garden?

  1. As a young teen, I used to climb up the fig tree in our vegetable garden 🙂 I enjoyed sitting there, just letting life and thoughts flow. No mobile phones or similar crap involved. Nature brings me back in balance with my inner soul.
    Trees and plants are the most beautiful thing there is, and it makes me sad that many people don’t respect them.
    Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to live near a large park in London, it’s sort of “natural” (unlike the Queen’s gardens) and there is plenty of trees, some ponds, birds, ducks, brambles etc. It’s a man-made landscape but it’s as close to nature as one can get in The Big Smoke.
    Have a lovely day!

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  2. Well, not a garden, but some dense forest not too far from my (then) home. There I could forget about my worries, which I had plenty of. I always packed my rucksack with essentials. I could find some long overdue sleep and could stay overnight – basically it was the only place I could find sleep for hours on end. And I could drink from a little well, I felt absolutely unmolested: just me and the birds and after nightfall the animals. There was a little chapel too in the vicinity where in years I never encountered anyone, although I sometimes spent hours there and although it was clearly looked after.
    That was till about 10 years ago. Now, when I go home I no longer feel the need to stay in that wood, as my life has taken a turn for the better – only the chapel I still frequent for a bit of thanksgiving.

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    1. I love little chapels!!! A dream of mine is to have a tiny one built in my woods. I’m happy to hear of your positive changes. Your forest escapes sound divine. It must feel good knowing that you can always return for an overnight if you wanted, and even have a chapel in which to give thanks. Lovely.


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