Presents of Presence

“Living in the past” can mean different things to different people, but what I sometimes forget is that it can include five minutes ago, not just fifty years ago. What’s specifically on my mind and I’m sure many of you is that this pandemic is going to be around for a long time. The “normal” we once knew before Covid does not exist. It sure seemed like we were almost back to it this summer! Then a few weeks ago it was evident that wasn’t the case. Yesterday I received an email that the outdoor fall fair for which we had purchased tickets this summer was cancelled. I was so bummed!

If I resent the present because it’s not like the past then I’m not going to be content. It doesn’t mean I don’t have my feelings about it! I do not like what’s happening. It’s very scary. But there is still so much beauty all around. The simple things I’ve always enjoyed are even more sacred to me now. Appreciation elevates the “ordinary”. Entitlement brings you down and demeans natural gifts.

I hope you are all safe and finding ways to stay centered and hopeful! How are you all doing? Lurkers that includes you! Please check in in the comments. You can of course remain anonymous!

6 thoughts on “Presents of Presence

  1. It’s not easy to be contented but it’s perhaps necessary in order to live the present in a better way.
    Of course, there is still beauty in our present.
    Harder is when we’re detached from those we love because we cannot meet etc.
    (I’m mostly a lurker, but there you go, I manage to leave a silly comment 😉

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    1. Not a silly comment at all! I agree that it’s hard being distanced from those we want to see. Thankfully we have technology that helps with that somewhat. I’m making lots of friends in my yard which helps! 😀

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      1. You’re right, making friends in the vicinity certainly helps to live a better life, covid or not.
        Sadly, the elder people don’t always have access to technology, and those are the ones we perhaps miss the most

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        1. By in my yard I mean my literal backyard. Critters and creatures. 🙂 I have an 80 year old friend who is on apps I’ve never heard of and is very proficient. Hopefully everyone at least has a phone! Or access to one.

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