Crazy Quilt, Candlesticks, Esmerellda

I’ve had some beautiful unfinished business tucked away in an old cedar chest that I brought to light: A handmade depression-era “crazy” quilt top that was never actually quilted. I purchased it at an estate sale years ago and figured “one day” I’ll commission someone to finish it. When I saw it at the bottom of the linen chest while changing out the blankets for the season I decided that it doesn’t need to be finished. It’s perfect in its imperfect, unfinished state. It’s now a gorgeous bedspread!

I made some new backyard friends this summer and found a treasure left behind by my dearly departed Esmerellda.

Esmerellda was a stunning beneficial yellow garden spider who made her home in our tomato garden. Isn’t her web spectacular with the zig-zag “zipper” in the middle? I let her know that I’m not the touchy-feely sort when it comes to spiders, so we had an understanding. I was so sad when one day she wasn’t there and her web was gone. I never thought I’d form an attachment to a spider since they have a history of making me scream. But then I noticed something.

She had left behind an egg sack which she attached to the garden netting! The location is such that I couldn’t “let it be” due to the fact that in the winter it’s directly in the line of “fire” from snow and ice when Wayne rakes the roof. It would take it down and out. I knew I’d have to relocate her soon-to-be littles so that they had a chance at survival. They hatch inside in the fall and mature inside the egg sack in the winter before emerging in the spring.

I cut the netting around the egg sack and Wayne relocated it a few feet away to a safe spot behind our house where it will remain all winter.

Miss Ricky has not been seen in over two weeks now. I’m hoping it’s because she’s having babies in her burrow. In her absence the chipmunks she usually chased away from her territory have been enjoying sunflower seeds and peanuts. The photo above is Cee Cee stuffing her cheeks with peanuts. She comes running to me when I call her name, even if she’s underground.

I recently placed vintage colored glass candlesticks on the dining tables in the kitchen and sunroom. I love colored glass!

Yankee thrift came to the rescue In my latest baking mishap. Rather than throwing away my first attempt at a gluten-free carrot cake (the texture was really terrible) I reworked it into a pie crust. I made a delicious carrot-apple tart!

Apple season is here and we’ve been to three different orchards so far. I never grow tired of saying that I love Maine!

7 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt, Candlesticks, Esmerellda

    1. Hi Jen, thanks. I definitely don’t want to keep them “safe” in hiding, although I will rotate them out sometimes and replace them with others. I like to collect candlesticks to help brighten the dark, long winters with cheery candlelight accents 🙂


    1. Thank you! Although I can’t take credit. It came with the house when I bought it twelve years ago. 😀 At first I thought I couldn’t use any patterned kitchen linens, only solid colors. Now I know better. 🙂

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