Thrifty Yankee $30 Transformation: Sun Room to Moon Room

In the twelve plus years I’ve lived in my home I’ve spent little time in my sunroom after dark other than occasional candlelight suppers. (Anyone else think of Hyacinth Bucket just now? Love that show!) For only $30 I transformed it into a jazzy “moon room” filled with dappled light that looks like moonlight through the trees. Jazz is courtesy of an independent music station broadcast from my a.m. transistor radio. I purchased hanging light globes and a couple of fairy-light lanterns on Amazon, all made with crackled glass and solar powered for greener, economic use. Read on to see the transformation!

I take them down and charge them in full sunlight for about six hours before hanging them back up. Next I’m going to try and see if they get enough indirect sunlight while hanging.

The lights automatically turn on at dusk. There are eight hanging globes so I have enough to hang between almost all of the windows.

Isn’t it lovely? It will be so romantic with the candles lit!

I placed one of the larger fairy-light lanterns by the radio between the rocking chairs. I filled the bottom of the other with sea glass collected from local beaches over the years and place it in my bathroom at night.

It’s amazing at how such small, simple things for little cost can add so much to a home!

6 thoughts on “Thrifty Yankee $30 Transformation: Sun Room to Moon Room

      1. Oh sweet Averyl… thanks for asking! 😆 We’ve been living in a cardboard city for weeks now. We’ve got all our new appliances (in boxes) and all our new cabinets (in boxes). They can’t be inspected for another 2 weeks because of how busy they are. Then after that comes electrical and installation. Hey – at least we still have the sink and dishwasher. Of course, it wouldn’t normally take this long #butcovid. I think it will truly be beautiful and way more functional when it’s all done, so that’s what I’m holding onto! 😆🙏💚

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