Our First Cherry Tomato Harvest

We finally had our first cherry tomato harvest! They are as sweet as they are pretty!

My next Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour post will be after we visit St. Martin’s in the Field in Biddeford Pool next Sunday. This morning we went to the outdoor seaside services at St. Ann’s. It was a very blustery morning and in the low 60s. A very lovely lady, Sylvia, came to the rescue. She invited us to sit next to her and she shared her blanket under which we huddled. Sometimes a warm gesture can do more than any physical barrier against the cold.

Coming up next is a post about our visit to an enchanting English garden.


Our first ripe tomato from our bucket (it’s pronounced “bouquet”) garden!

I hope you got my reference to Keeping Up Appearances!

It feels really good to finally have some time to relax after a hectic yet exciting two weeks. I can’t figure out how to make the summer seem like it’s lasting longer than it does. There’s so much to experience and enjoy, but when I do that the more quickly it flies by. I know I’m not alone with this, right?! Savoring it all and sharing it here on my blog with you feels like a good practice. So, I have good news to share about out tomatoes after a harrowing beginning during a very cold and wet spring. Continue reading “Our first ripe tomato from our bucket (it’s pronounced “bouquet”) garden!”

Homemade Garden Fresh White Rose Water

I’m loving having roses growing and blooming all summer.  Then I remembered that one of the vintage apothecary bottles I bought at a rummage sale last year has a rose water label and decided I’d fill it with my own homemade rose water! Continue reading “Homemade Garden Fresh White Rose Water”

Our Garden is Recovering from the Incessant Rain!

After weeks of rain and below-normal temps our tomatoes looked sad and barely grew. Then they began to turn yellow and we wondered if we were going to lose them. But then this past weekend the cold, rainy spell ended! They are now standing taller and things are looking up! Continue reading “Our Garden is Recovering from the Incessant Rain!”

Out Picking: An Unexpected Treasure in an Old Chest

Today while out picking I bought an old wood chest made from beadboard that works perfectly for storing gardening things in our sunroom. I love the weathered, rustic look with faded green paint. When I opened the trunk I saw something completely unexpected!  Continue reading “Out Picking: An Unexpected Treasure in an Old Chest”

Building A Second Raised Garden Bed for 2017

Wayne and I both really loved our homegrown tomato sandwiches, salads, sauces and slices last year so we decided that he would build another raised bed this spring. Continue reading “Building A Second Raised Garden Bed for 2017”

Field Trip: Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine 2016

(Originally published 9/25/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) The last time I went to the Maine Common Ground fair was about 20 years ago! We were on the road at 6:30 a.m. for the close to two hour ride.


Continue reading “Field Trip: Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine 2016”

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens & Lunch at McSeagull’s

(Originally published 8/8/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Just got back from a great day trip. Not much to say, just lots of pics! Here we go to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens followed by luncheon at McSeagull’s in Boothbay Harbor! (Not sure when people stopped calling lunch “luncheon.” I prefer the latter.)

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Tiny Tim’s little raised bed vegetable garden

(Originally published 5/24/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Tiny Tim, aka Timmy, loves floor time with my housemate, Wayne. In this photo you may notice that Timmy’s eye looks dull; this is the side where he was blinded when abused by his original owners. He’s a grateful little guinea pig who appreciates the good things. He is always squeaking and doing tricks for fresh veggies, so we promised him he would have his own little garden this summer provided he shares some of it with with us.

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