My Books

The Thrifty Yankee’s Guidebook to Frugal Living


An inside personal look at Yankee Thrift in action that goes far deeper and in more detail than on my blog. Status: Delayed.

American Women Didn’t Get Fat in the 1950s (2013)

Genre: Diet, Self-Help

American WOmen Didn't Get Fat in the 1950s.jpg

Originally published in 2013, this is a research-based self-help book inspired by my own weight loss success following vintage diet practices from the 1950s. Wayne and I have both lost and kept off weight by eating retro. Reviews reveal that my book is quite polarizing with most people loving or disliking it, the latter largely taking offense to the old premise that “you’re fat because you eat too much” and other 1950s advice included in the book. Even so, my book’s reach exceeded my expectations. I lacked an advertising budget and was a brand new, self-published author, yet for almost three months my book was in the top 100 diet books on Amazon Kindle, dropping off occasionally, and at one point was a top diet book on Amazon, not just Kindle.

Wishy The Bookworm Chipmunk (2018)

Genre: Children’s Picture/Photo Book


Published in 2018, this was a joy to write! Based upon my special friendship with my friend, Wishy, I was inspired to share a magical tale…