Not All Are Welcome. Jesus Loves You.

Four years ago Wayne and I wanted to attend a service at an Epsicopal chapel in a tony area but we were told we were not welcome because they were not open to the public. Services were for the “locals” only. It’s not a good feeling to be turned away from a church that has an “All Welcome” sign in the front. One doesn’t expect a church to be run like a country club, but to be clear we no longer were interested in attending services there. Even so there is a kind of outrage and sadness at the mentality and hypocrisy.

I just had a somewhat similar experience only this was at the level of state government. Maine has a “Maine Made” program with the mission to “build recognition for Maine products, their producers, and Maine industries.” As a Maine business in good standing for twenty years (and I pay the state $85 annually just so I can be in business), I wanted to apply to once again have a business profile on their website now that I have my new line of Christmas luminaries. I had been a member for over a decade until I took a break from making cards and crafts four years ago. Now they are more exclusive and only accept people whose products have been in existence for three years with a few thousand minimum in sales of that product the year prior. The program director told me that when I reached a point where I had to “quit my day job” was when I could contact them to apply.

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