Introducing My Handmade Christmas Card Luminaries & Shop!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new handmade line of nostalgic Christmas card luminaries and website! I know it’s not even Halloween but I’ve been working on this in secret and need to get the word out! Each luminary is an enlightened window into a peaceful scene created through the eyes and heart of an artist of the time! Illuminations of Christmas Past™ are my creations with two product lines: luminaries made with true vintage cards I have repurposed and a retro line of reproductions of vintage images printed onto fine art cards. I do all of the production from start to finish right here in my home studio. The images and cards are from the Hillstock Collection, which is a part of my company, Hillstock, LLC. Creating these luminaries brings me a lot of joy. My goal is to offer a little time capsule magic for you to place on your mantel, shelf or bedside table this holiday season.

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