“It’s the Circle of Life.”

“It’s just the circle of life” feels like a hollow platitude often stated without emotion, like you’re supposed to just “get it” and move on. A life with an open heart is not that way at all. Nature is healing and cruel, beautiful and brutal, mysterious, indifferent yet in tune with a Divine Force. It’s only when I’m alone with nature that things feel like they serve a purpose while this crazy, human-dominated civilization filled with nonsensical tragedies doesn’t seem to at all. I grieve at the reality that hawks eat chipmunks. One took sweet Buddy the chipmunk in front of my eyes two years ago. I think I cried for five days almost non-stop.

It’s one thing to know something and another to have involuntary traumatic proof given. Of course it may only be traumatic to those of us who are “overly sensitive” individuals, especially when there are baby chipmunks involved.

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Deep Sadness

Yesterday evening after watching Lawrence Welk I was sitting on the rocking chair in the sunroom. I saw my neighbor’s chipmunk I named Buddy standing up looking over at my house. Ricky had more babies and he has been very interested in everything happening. Like all chipmunks he is sweet, charming and curious. They continually fill me with joy.

Wayne came in and was standing somewhat in front of me when I saw something odd in the neighbor’s yard behind him where Buddy had been standing. I didn’t have my glasses on and the sun was low in the sky behind her house. I put on my glasses. It was a hawk perched on the ground with its wings partially open looking like a large angel of death. I ran out but it was too late. I watched it fly away with Buddy. I’m devastated. I had always prayed that I would never witness this very thing. I was able to save his life almost one year ago when a hawk was dive-bombing him. Not this time.

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