Introducing My Handmade Christmas Card Luminaries & Shop!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new handmade line of nostalgic Christmas card luminaries and website! I know it’s not even Halloween but I’ve been working on this in secret and need to get the word out! Each luminary is an enlightened window into a peaceful scene created through the eyes and heart of an artist of the time! Illuminations of Christmas Past™ are my creations with two product lines: luminaries made with true vintage cards I have repurposed and a retro line of reproductions of vintage images printed onto fine art cards. I do all of the production from start to finish right here in my home studio. The images and cards are from the Hillstock Collection, which is a part of my company, Hillstock, LLC. Creating these luminaries brings me a lot of joy. My goal is to offer a little time capsule magic for you to place on your mantel, shelf or bedside table this holiday season.

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Yankee Thrift isn’t always about frugality!

Doesn’t the man on this vintage marketing piece for a Thermo Pride furnace look like Tom Netheron from The Lawrence Welk Show? Speaking of which, PBS isn’t showing it for the next three Saturday nights in a row! What will we do?! Anyway this is an actual part of the paperwork that came with my Thermo Pride furnace installed 31 years ago. When the housing inspector walked around my home before I purchased it he made a point to tell me that it could possibly last forever. When I looked up and met the original owners of my 1950 home and had them over the husband, Len beamed with so much pride when he stood in front of it. I can still see his big smile as he said: “It’s the Cadillac of furnaces!” I told him how I truly appreciated it since I was enjoying its comforting, reliable service. He was not the type of man who bought Cadillacs or flashy things, but he was an old time Mainer who knows the value of a dollar and when it’s prudent to spend more.

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Beautiful Maine Made Cotton & Wool Blankets

Many of my long-time readers know how much I love vintage linens and changing up our bedding to create different looks. I broke from tradition last fall and bought a new (as in not new old stock but NEW new) wool blanket online that was made in France. Other than being a drab color like most every wool blanket on the market it seemed nice enough until I realized that the French on the label said it had been mothproofed! I do NOT want to have a chemical-treated blanket against my skin! I sent it back.

Wayne and I took a ride up to Freeport last weekend to buy him a few things at Brooks Brothers. Afterward we stopped in the Maine Woolens outlet. I had never been in it before and assumed they were selling ubiquitous made in China blankets perhaps with added kitschy lighthouses or starfish on them. I was not anticipating the wonderful surprise inside!

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