Not All Are Welcome.

Four years ago Wayne and I wanted to attend a service at an Episcopal chapel in a tony area but we were told we were not welcome because they were not open to the public. Services were for the “locals” only. It’s not a good feeling to be turned away from a church that has an “All Welcome” sign in the front. One doesn’t expect a church to be run like a country club, but to be clear we no longer were interested in attending services there. Even so there is a kind of outrage and sadness at the mentality and hypocrisy.

I just had a somewhat similar experience only this was at the level of state government. Maine has a “Maine Made” program with the mission to “build recognition for Maine products, their producers, and Maine industries.” As a Maine business in good standing for twenty years (and I pay the state $85 annually just so I can be in business), I wanted to apply to once again have a business profile on their website now that I have my new line of Christmas luminaries. I had been a member for over a decade until I took a break from making cards and crafts four years ago. Now they are more exclusive and only accept people whose products have been in existence for three years with a few thousand minimum in sales of that product the year prior. The program director told me that when I reached a point where I had to “quit my day job” was when I could contact them to apply.

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Beautiful Maine Made Cotton & Wool Blankets

Many of my long-time readers know how much I love vintage linens and changing up our bedding to create different looks. I broke from tradition last fall and bought a new (as in not new old stock but NEW new) wool blanket online that was made in France. Other than being a drab color like most every wool blanket on the market it seemed nice enough until I realized that the French on the label said it had been mothproofed! I do NOT want to have a chemical-treated blanket against my skin! I sent it back.

Wayne and I took a ride up to Freeport last weekend to buy him a few things at Brooks Brothers. Afterward we stopped in the Maine Woolens outlet. I had never been in it before and assumed they were selling ubiquitous made in China blankets perhaps with added kitschy lighthouses or starfish on them. I was not anticipating the wonderful surprise inside!

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Maine Maple Sunday at Merrifield Farm

Spring is here! Today is Maine Maple Sunday which means there are about ninety sugar houses throughout Maine that are open to the public. We went to Merrifield Farm in Gorham which is like a maple syrup paradise where we sampled maple syrup over vanilla ice cream and watched maple syrup being processed.

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Visit to Frith Farm in Scarborough to Buy Organic Free Range Eggs

Yesterday I took a trip to Frith Farm in Scarborough to buy some organic pullet eggs. It was a fun mini-adventure!
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