I Met The humble Farmer!

In the late 1980s I was an undergrad at the University of Maine in Orono and naively believed that because I grew up in Manhattan that I had seen and heard everything. So when I took a break from listening to my Joy Division, Agnostic Front and old school rap cassettes on my boom box in the dorm I turned on the radio–Maine Public Radio. Some farmer with a wicked heavy Maine accent had a show where he talked about Maine things with a very deadpan delivery. I wasn’t sure if he was a kook or a quirky genius. All I knew then is that his voice and program in which his commentary was interspersed with jazz was very relaxing. For me that was valuable because it has taken me many years to unwind and I’m not sure I every will completely. I also appreciated that he was the polar opposite of all I had heard growing up which made him kind of subversive.

Over the years when I tuned in and started really paying attention I discovered that although Robert Karl Skoglund aka The Humble Farmer simply talks about simple living, he is exceptionally funny and delightfully dry which is my favorite kind of humor. 

One year shy of being on Maine Public Radio for thirty years he was let go because he made a political comment on one of his shows! So lame! Around that time I had become disenchanted with MPR and my feelings haven’t changed.

Since then I would catch him by luck on public access on TV but relatively recently he started writing columns for the Portland Press Herald like this one about being thrifty. Although I’m in a very different place than I was in the 1980s he still can make me giggle and relaxed when I read his commentary. I promptly let Wayne know that I have a crush on him and that I wanted to find out if we could visit him and the “Almost Perfect Woman” (as he fondly calls his lovely wife Marsha) at their home and B&B in St. George. When Humble quickly replied and said that we were welcome we planned our trip which was this morning. He did not disappoint!

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Autumn Drive to Camden & A Hidden German Gem

Saturday was sunny and crisp. We left early for a day trip up coastal Route One to the charming town of Camden, Maine with stops in between; our first was the Maine State Prison Showroom in Thomaston.

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