Waterfall Trail Hike At Fuller Farm

It was a cold morning with temps in the 40s and the sky was overcast, however we joyfully navigated mud, snow and ice to see a seasonal little waterfall that’s tucked in the woods. The thing is, we hadn’t planned on the snow and ice…or snakes! Even so, nature put on a beautiful show.

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Pleasant Hill Preserve, Scarborough, Maine

I just returned from the new nature preserve courtesy of Scarborough Land Trust that’s only a few miles from my house. It’s a little fairyland with a big sky! The air smelled like wildflowers, birds were everywhere and it was ours (me, the birds, groundhogs, chipmunks, butterflies, humming bees and things rustling in the leaves as I walked past) alone for the duration of my walk! I have driven past this field for years but now it’s open to the public to enjoy. Continue reading “Pleasant Hill Preserve, Scarborough, Maine”

A Walk Along the Trail at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough

In my last post I mentioned that Scarborough Land Trust recently published a website with new-to-me places to explore right in my extended Scarborough backyard. We decided to check out the trail at Broadturn Farm, a charming organic farm, late Monday afternoon. The light was right and the temperature still warm. While this time of year isn’t full of blooming wildflowers and greenery, it’s also devoid of mosquitoes and black flies! Awesome trade-off! Continue reading “A Walk Along the Trail at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough”

A “Secret” Spring Season Waterfall At Fuller Farm in Scarborough

Scarborough Land Trust recently published a website that outlines new-to-me trails in town that are open to the public. I’m constantly amazed at all of the scenic nooks and wide open spaces that exist in a single town. This morning after church we went to find the hidden waterfall at Fullerton Farm Preserve that only flows in the spring. I had no idea it existed until I read the details of the preserve.
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