Sunroom Shade: Thrifty Yankee Tapestries

In April I purchased two block print tapestries from a local business to use as optional privacy and/or sunblocking “curtains”. I placed metal rings with clips onto the tapestries so that they can hang from nails. I prefer this more rustic look to curtains and rods; it also cost a lot less than the latter. When not in use they are gathered in the corners. I’m really happy with how they look!

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Thrifty Yankee Pollinator Friendly Tree Stumps

Six hazardous trees were removed since I’ve lived here, three of which were towering white pines. One had partially come down and damaged another tree; another was hanging over our house and a limb took down our neighbor’s fence. I would never want to remove a tree unless it was creating a hazard that couldn’t be mitigated with cabling and pruning. It’s also very expensive! The cost to have the white pines taken down were almost $2,000 each. Stump grinding would have added an additional $400 each at that time. One was ground down but the rest? Here’s what I did with them!

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