Streaming Love: A Surprise in Our Woods

How are you all doing? Since last weekend I’ve been feeling very tired, some of it likely from my hyperparathyroidism, the rest it from pandemic-related stress and sadness. I simply don’t have the energy to update with my usual frequency. Now that my book has been put on hold I also need to figure out how to start generating a small income from my blog which has been ad-free since its inception.  I do have windows of energy so I’ve been getting outside to rake and do general spring cleaning in the yard. The fresh air, warming sunshine, exercise and Cider’s company is very healing. I’ve been keeping an eye out for Buster, too. Yesterday Wayne and I did some more exploring in our woods. He found a hidden gem I never knew was there!

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Waterfall Trail Hike At Fuller Farm

It was a cold morning with temps in the 40s and the sky was overcast, however we joyfully navigated mud, snow and ice to see a seasonal little waterfall that’s tucked in the woods. The thing is, we hadn’t planned on the snow and ice…or snakes! Even so, nature put on a beautiful show.

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A “Secret” Spring Season Waterfall At Fuller Farm in Scarborough

Scarborough Land Trust recently published a website that outlines new-to-me trails in town that are open to the public. I’m constantly amazed at all of the scenic nooks and wide open spaces that exist in a single town. This morning after church we went to find the hidden waterfall at Fullerton Farm Preserve that only flows in the spring. I had no idea it existed until I read the details of the preserve.
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