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Wishy lives in Maine where the winters are very long. Like all chipmunks, Wishy stays underground in his burrow during the coldest months of the year. Things can get very boring in a burrow for a curious chipmunk like Wishy. Find out how he outsmarts winter with the help of a special friend!

Wishy the Bookworm Chipmunk is a Kindle picture book (with real photos) that tells Wishy’s special story. It’s for readers aged 3 – 6 and even adults, too! If you don’t own a Kindle that’s OK! Amazon offers a free app to read it on most any device including your phone.

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 Easter Chipmunk (5)

Wishy, Wayne and I hope you will enjoy our book if you decide to read it!

Reader Reviews

“This is a cute book. I think any little kid who has ever watched the chipmunks running around outside and thought ‘I wish I could have a pet chipmunk!’ will get a real kick out of the pictures in this book. They’d make a great calendar, in fact! I thought the book did a good job of both reminding the child that these are still wild animals, and also unleashing the child’s imagination by encouraging them to picture chipmunks wishing to do “human” things. The story itself is intriguing enough to keep a child’s interest, and the props used in the pictures were great! Best viewed on a tablet, since the photos are the biggest draw here.”

“What a charming little story. The text not only humanizes Wishy in adorable fashion, the accompanying photos are sure to transfix any child. A clever author, both with her pen and her camera!”


Reading “Wishy the Bookworm Chipmunk” by Averyl Hill to my darling, beautiful grand nieces, Neve and Brooke. They loved it, and totally enjoyed the photos. I think their favorite one was Wishy trying to change the station on the radio! I had to go through the book several times with them. Averyl, it’s a hit!