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Some of my favorite things about growing up in New York City include the street performers. Well-dressed or raggedy characters played an instrument, sang or danced. I’d stop, watch, listen and have minutes of escape from whatever was spinning in my mind. That kind of time out from when I was in a mad rush like everyone else in the city was a blessing. I was so grateful that people were doing their own thing and sharing it with us. When I could I’d throw a tip in their guitar case, hat or whatever they had laid out to accept a token of thanks. Now it’s my turn to passively ask for your support. My writing and photography is my art and if you like what you see here I’ve humbly added my own virtual tip jar. If you choose to throw something into it I thank you for supporting an independent ad-free blogger in a world of advertiser-paid “influencers”. It’s getting harder to keep this show going without some support and only I’m to blame for not having offered that option until now!

14 Day Quarantine for Tourists in Maine?

Wayne is a good sport for letting me post this vintage early 1980s photo of him at Cape Elizabeth’s Lobster Shack. He said they provided these signs for tourists, which he was not. Anyway, looks like there may be some changes to the current mandated fourteen day quarantine for people wanting to visit Maine this summer! Read more here.

Jesus Preaches Love, Not Photo Ops or Murder

The above is a photo of our summer spiritual home, St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport. That’s where we go to find and experience peace and worship with our church family. It’s also where Wayne and I got married. One of our church mates, George W. Bush released a statement.


This is a Bible, one of a few from my collection. I’m not a Bible thumper or literalist but I take it to heart. Wayne and I read the Bible every weekday morning before we begin our day. In it Jesus teaches us how to love and live an authentic life, not one of hypocrisy, and how to spread peace, not hate. 

Ephesians 5:11: And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Proverbs 15:1: A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

“No Refunds”? This Thrifty Yankee Says Otherwise!

Have you noticed that since Covid hit many businesses are implementing a “no returns/refund” policy? A local grocer that’s part of a major international chain implemented a no returns and no refund policy for their curbside pickup service “due to CDC guidelines.” What? Just stop. The CDC never said nor do they have the authority to tell a business they can’t process a refund if you receive rotten fruit or spoiled meat. Of course it shouldn’t be expected that you would return gross or dangerous food you’ve handled back to the store. No way would I give them my business unless it was the only option. Fortunately Whole Foods delivery has a fantastic refund policy. As an example this morning some of my eggs were broken. Instant refund.

There are times when it’s unreasonable to expect a refund such as for vintage items purchased online or at yard sales. You can’t blame a seller for the 8 track they just sold you getting eaten by your 8 track player. 

This post is about the thousands of masks in the online marketplace that explicitly state a no-returns or refund policy. I challenged that policy when Wayne received a defective mask. Here’s what happened.

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Laurel Hill Cemetery Comes Alive

I took these photos of blooming flowers, ivy, trees, shrubs, greenery, moss and other life forms during a couple of early mornings at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco. It was during these walks that I experienced a deep peace I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I hope the peace of this special place reaches you through this post:

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Be Kind. There’s Strength in Sensitivity.

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a long while but this morning I had a giant push when I opened Facebook, that bad neighborhood I left for almost a year until coronavirus. I follow Maine comedian Bob Marley who posts funny daily “Crona Watch” videos. His latest was about a chipmunk making a hole in his yard and directly underneath the video were people bragging about the cruel methods they use to kill the chipmunks in their yard. One shoots them with a BB gun because they eat some of their strawberries. Another gave instructions on how to use the bucket method of drowning them. I didn’t click through the comments–these were the featured comments that are shown without clicking. Also making the rounds is a viral video of a cruel squirrel slinger that people find to be so hilarious.

I used to feel embarrassed and ashamed of being “sensitive”. I used to think it put me at a disadvantage. I’ve come to discover how a sensitive heart is what will save us. Taking pleasure in and advertising that one kills a warm-blooded mammal without a mean bone in its body because of vanity (a hole in my yard! some of my berries are gone so I’ll starve to death!) is evil. Being not only cavalier about taking a life because of a minor “infraction” but advertising it online, like LOOK HOW COOL I AM HAHA is a dystopian world where adults act like sociopathic teenagers trolling for attention. 
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Sunny Day Gardening and Yard Work

We had a great day today outside enjoying life at home. Wayne got the raised garden beds ready for the tomatoes and mowed while I pruned and trimmed the hedges and shrubs. We had the kind of glorious weather every Mainer dreams about all winter.

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Be Someone’s Jackpot

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to be another creature’s jackpot. Chipmunks have a very rough life fraught with constant danger and often, enmity from humans. Desi, a new friend this season who was one of the chipmunk babies from last fall all grown up almost got killed by my neighbor’s dog this morning. She lives in her yard but comes to visit. I was outside waiting for her and I heard growling, then the sound of the dog slamming into the fence and rustling leaves. I’ve heard this before and usually I see a squirrel running for its life over the fence. Today it was sweet little Desi only she made her escape through a small space underneath it.

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